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Professional Experience

I have twelve years of extensive web site development experience, having worked as a web designer, developer, and a client manager. Here are my recent professional experiences.

Web Front-end Developer
is7, Richardson, TX
12/2004 – Present

I have developed web sites and front-end solutions for non-profit organizations. Some of my achievements are:

  • Redesigned and built new site deployments for:
  • Monthly bulk email, microsites, landing pages, and fundraising campaign development
  • Developed in-house tools using PHP: browser based file share for clients, newsletter creation CMS that reduced production time of monthly newsletters by 500% (down to 2 hours from 10-15), and clickable jQuery / AJAX sitemap tool
  • Expert at flexing CMS platforms to accomplish unique client goals
  • Authorized Convio Solutions Partner (consultant and technical specialist)
  • Helped build the is7 company from the foundational first days. 
  • Our clients raised millions of dollars more to make the world better, safer, and kinder. Our top client had a 1,860% ROI in 2009.

Web Designer/Web Programmer
Bill Murphy Web Design, McKinney, TX
2001 - Present

I have developed web sites for a variety of corporate and non-profit organizations.

  • www.AustinMcGregor.com: corporate recruiter site.
  • Bloom Technologies: corporate IT outsourcing site.
    Within schedule, redesigned their corporate site to be positive representation of the company by clearly describing the various services that Bloom Technologies offers. The result was an attractive, usable site. Advanced features include: a Flash animation, DHTML navigational menus, and a design that incorporates their logo and a play on words of their name: Bloom.
  • www.CindySerine.com: wedding photographer.
  • CAM International: database driven missions recruitment site.
    Redesigned their web site to be an effective tool for recruitment for missionary work. The site was programmed in PHP, using a mySQL database.
    It features:
    • database driven missions opportunities listing, administrated by a custom web-based, backend admin tool for CAM International staff
    • highly usable backend admin tool was used by non-technical office staff without instruction to add over 100 opportunities to the database during spare office time
    • web visitors can instantly and anonymously access complete info about any opportunity instead of waiting up to a week to get info via postal mail
    • web visitors can login and save opportunities for later and complete an online application during multiple sessions
    • online application is partially completed for the user automatically as he/she uses the website, increasing usability for applicants
    • office staff's duties were streamlined by storing applicants' info in one online location
    • web site was featured at a recent missions conference on how to effectively recruit for missions work on the web

  • www.fitnessequipmentnortheast.com: Redesigned an informational site that promotes fitness equipment stores in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. This was a 2 week quick-turn-around project, because the customer had been abandoned by another web design shop mid way through his site redeployment. This WordPress site involved my custom designing and building the WP theme as well as the website.
  • www.hyperemesis.org: Redesigned an informational site about hyperemesis gravidarum (or very intense morning sickness in pregnant women). Expanded the site out to four main sections based on the four intended audiences of the site. Some sections are built in PHP & mySQL.
  • Libros CPC: Developed and designed a Spanish e-commerce bookstore for Christian Publications Center, a division of CAM International. Advanced features: Built on Intershop software, this store required me to build a custom user interface using the Intershop templating language (based on Perl). Consulted and trained retired personnel, who are running the store, to effectively use their e-commerce bookstore. Future plans include making the store front bi-lingual (Spanish & English).
  • www.MackenzieEason.com: healthcare recruiter site.
  • North Highlands Bible Church: database driven ministry web site.
    Designed and developed a ministry website for North Highlands Bible Church, using PHP script language and mySQL database. Advanced features: Extensive backoffice area for lay people to administrate and maintain current about their ministry area and events calendar. (Back office tours are available upon request.)
  • Obrero Fiel: Spanish ministry resources website for South American pastors.
    Designed and developed a database driven site and extensive backoffice to allow volunteer personnel administrate the site structure and content. Advanced features: front end is optimzed for older machines and slower connection speeds in Latin America. The site runs entirely in PHP and mySQL.
  • The Senior Moments Game: ecommerce store setup.
    Designed an e-commerce site for a memory enhancing board game for senior adults and their caregivers. Incorporated a custom design, using bigstep.com shopping cart.
  • Volunteer Workforce: informational website with video streaming

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