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Portfolio - Web Design

Below are some examples of my skills and abilities in action. I also have created some video projects.

Art/Creative Sites:

A musician's web site, designed to promote his concerts and new CD, Urgent.

  • Downloadable MP3 & streaming RealPlayer versions of his latest songs.
  • RealPlayer stream features a SMIL presentation that allows the viewer to click thru to a product ordering page.

A film company's web site, designed to promote their scripts and films as well as give people an opportunity to be a part of their next movie.

  • Flash animation on opening page.
  • CSS and DHTML menus and scrolling areas.

Corporate Sites:

An executive placement firm's web site designed for marketing their services.

www.bloomtechnologies.com (no longer online)
An Information Technology company's web site designed to advertise their various services.

A wedding website for your's truly, featuring videos, photos, and an RSVP page, all powered and themed in WordPress.

A premeire wedding photographer's website. Cindy Serine specializes in capturing elegant, romantic, timeless storybook moments in photo journalistic black & white and color photos.

www.infotrain.com (no longer online)
A business intelligence company's web site design to market their services as well as sell and distribute their downloadable software.

An events planning and management company that specializes in serving their DFW area as well as international corporate, private, and wedding clients.

An online store for a board game that helps stimulate memory function in senior family members as well as gives family members something to do during visits.

A personal website highlighting the entrepreneurial spirit and projects of Tony Collette.

A resource for connecting non-profits and corporations for legal, tax-free labor.

E-Commerce Sites:

Online store for low cost, high featured CAD software. Custom built in ASP.

www.infotrain.com/downloads (no longer online)
Online store area of the InfoTrain Solutions website (see above) that allows customers to try and buy downloadable software. Custom built in PHP.

www.libroscpc.com (in Spanish)
Online bookstore for Spanish Christian books and publications. Utilizes Intershop engine.

Non-Profit Sites:

A recruiting tool for a Christian missions agency that focuses on latin america. Custom built in PHP & mySQL.

  • Database driven missions opportunity listing allows visitors to view and save opportunities instead of waiting weeks to receive info via mail.
  • Using the opportunity listing automatically begin completing portions of the online application.
  • Office staff's duties streamlined with online application.
  • Opportunity listing and other content is maintained through a custom, secure, and easy to use web administration section.

www.homeschoolbookfair.org - A web site design by one of my consulting clients. I have tutored Ms. McCord on web design from site purposes to graphic interfaces to content to search engine placement.

www.hyperemesis.org / www.helpher.org
A redesigned information site about hyperemesis gravidarum (or very intense morning sickness in pregnant women). Sections built in PHP & mySQL.

An informational site for a church, featuring database driven ministry description and calendar areas. Maintained through a custom, secure, and easy to use web administration section. Built in PHP & mySQL.

www.obrerofiel.com (in spanish)
An online resource for pastors and Christian lay people in latin america, supplying everything from study guides to devotionals to sermon outlines. All content is maintained and uploaded through a custom, secure, and easy to use web administration section. Built in PHP & mySQL.

Other Sites:

This list of web sites are the ones I have designed while employed either at Bloom Technologies, InfoTrain, or Imaginuity.

For more info about each of these sites, see the Work section of this résumé site.

Bloom Technologies:

InfoTrain Solutions:

Imaginuity Interactive:


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